Melda as a mermaid This was supposed to be a “quick one” the newest episode for “Vete a la versh” was an under the sea tale which inspired me to do Princess Melda as a mermaid. (You can watch the episode here: ) 
I wanted to go for a sort of Mary Blair inspired kind of look but it took a twist. I had lots of fun doing it hope you guys like it :) 
another one for the halloween special wish I could do all the backgrounds in photoshop forever <3
Little forest for the halloween special 2014

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It’s doneI’m having so much fun doing the backgrounds for the new episode :)make sure to check out the new season of “vete a la versh” the next one is coming out July 8
working on another episode.quite proud of this background, took me a little longer than usual though :) all in Flashcs6
Random sketch 
"Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up and go to work."
Stephen King (via chadbourn)
You know that palettes meme that’s going around in tumblr?I decided it would be fun to try using different colors this is what came out :Pone of these days I will draw a complete illustration and you all are gonna love it I promise ;_; 
waiting for the inspiration to arrive
Really liked how some of these came out (:
New background for a new episode :)done in flash cs6
you can watch the episodes here: and the new episode comes out this friday! :D